Advanced Risk & Compliance Analytics Solutions

Predictive Surveillance Technology

To keep you a step ahead of uncertainty, a holistic approach enables companies to significantly reduce costs by ensuring data integrity, aggregating data streams for better analysis, and automating compliance and reporting requirements from across the organization. By applying a business lens to data analytics and insight development, we can help you translate compliance intelligence into strategic actions.

Our philosophy is by taking a proactive approach to compliance program monitoring, we can help you stay at the forefront of regulatory and industry change, boosting your agility as you move into new sectors and geographies.

Advanced Risk & Compliance Analytics Solutions

COSERVE’s Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics Solution team specialists, within our Technology Risk and Compliance Practice, provides customized solutions to help you identify new challenges and uncover future opportunities. With our strategic and sustainable approach to analytics, you’ll have the right technology to monitor and prioritize threats so you can build trust at every turn.The amount of data generated by today’s enterprises is enormous, as is the potential for extracting valuable intelligence and insight to meet reporting and compliance challenges, reduce risk, and boost returns.

We find that the sheer volume of data works against itself, leaving companies struggling to make sense of their information and derive value. In this environment, it’s become imperative for companies to develop sound information management practices, and build advanced analytical tools and techniques, which continuously monitor and test for compliance risk using advanced, automated solutions.

State of the Art Actionable Information

Our Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics Solutions practice brings an integrated, strategic, and sustainable approach to risk and compliance monitoring – employing predictive surveillance and advanced analytics to monitor and prioritize threats, deliver actionable information, and drive better business decisions.

Helping Clients Navigate This Challenge, Our Consultants Assist In

  • Identify key vulnerabilities and evaluate the performance of your current compliance testing program
  • Recommend practical changes to systems and processes, develop models, and provide end-to-end system/process testing
  • Leverage industry-leading technologies and advanced analytics to make testing more efficient and comprehensive
  • Apply advanced tuning to improve the performance of existing detection models and rule sets
  • Design and build new internal analytic capabilities by creating organizational change strategies, testing business rules and analytics, developing policies/procedures and infrastructure, and selecting vendors
  • Design and develop continuous monitoring, surveillance, reporting tools and alert management including dashboards, KPIs, key control monitoring, and management/client reporting
  • Assess risk reporting and analytics, including risk and compliance assurance, independent model validation, quantitative assessment and back-testing; risk and finance data governance and integration, and regulatory compliance monitoring and assessment (including CCAR, DFAST, OCC etc.)

COSERVE’s Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics Solutions can help you get a deeper understanding of your compliance infrastructure and business operations and provide a new level of enterprise-wide intelligence to mitigate risk and accelerate your business. Let us assist your team with our decades of experience in providing analytic compliance specialists.