Our Process

CoServe Talent Solutions Search Process

  • We consult with our Clients to understand their talent needs.  We agree on the desired outcome, timeline and expectations.
  • After we accept the search project, we meet internally to establish a search strategy.  We have interviews to understand all the intricacies of the position, team and company. This gives us detailed knowledge of the position, current state of the team / department and the overall company culture and work dynamic.
  • We then do efficient but exhaustive industry research to identify target companies as well as potential candidate prospects.
  • After our research phase, we start the initial interviews and vetting.  This will help us determine the candidate’s skill sets, aspirations, motivations and personality / culture fit.
  • After initial interviews, the search team decides collectively on the best candidates the meet the Client’s requirements and sends a detailed executive summary along with the candidate’s resume and availability to interview.
  • Schedule interviews for both Client and Candidates throughout the interview process and get timely feedback and share with both parties.
  • Once final candidates are identified, we conduct reference checks, background checks and assessments (if applicable) and share those results with our Client.
  • Assist Client with negotiations with the chosen candidate.  Once the candidate has accepted the Client’s offer, we assist them on resigning their current position and help them transition into their new position with Client.
  • Ongoing follow-up with both Client and candidate throughout the onboarding process and the candidate’s first year to insure expectations and satisfaction for both parties.