Program and Project Management

Project Management

The Coserve approach begins by understanding your organization’s current state and future goals. We then collaborate on the goals and targets of the assessment(s). All Coserve assessments are vendor neutral and remain technology agnostic.

The information gathering phase, designed to gain a clear, detailed understanding of your current processes, people and technology, begins. This allows us to understand the current environment, and establish a baseline for all recommendations.

A Typical Assessment Project Includes

 Process Assessment: Determine if business and technology practices are documented, regulatory compliant, risk avoidant, efficient and align with the overall goals. Technology Assessment – Review and assess how technology is being utilized. The goal is to increase efficiency, adoption, communication, and control with the proper implementation of the right tools.

People Assessment: Interview and assess select team members for skills and aptitude as well as their ideas on how to improve the organization. As a result of the interviews, provide recommendations for training and skills development. Each assessment project includes a set of key deliverables. While the deliverables are uniquely defined for each client, they include:

Executive Summary: Key findings and recommendations including estimated effort, sequencing, and criticality. This will include a prioritized list of recommendations.

Current State: Document the current state of the processes, people and technology. The intent is to establish a baseline from which to evolve.

Detailed Findings: Specific findings including near term tactical and long term technical, organizational, discipline and process recommendations.

High-level Implementation Roadmap: High level implementation plan based on the proposed recommendations and your strategic needs. The initiatives that are the components of the roadmap are sequenced to reflect the immediate, mid-term, and long term recommendations.

Industry Benchmark Comparison: Compares your organization’s business processes against others in your industry. Comparative data is sourced from leading research companies.

Full Assessment Review

An assessment is of little value if it does not lead to change. A critical step in the Coserve assessment process is a return visit to investigate how the implementation is proceeding. This involves re-interviewing key personnel, examining the implementation timeline, and adjusting recommendations if needed.

Coserve wants to partner with your organization for the long term, not just a point in time. Coserve can Customize for Your Organization a customized assessment plan that is targeted to your growing organization. Whether the assessment need is for a single department or a corporate wide initiative, Coserve can find the optimal solution for you.